Every day since I've sent out my mailing there's been at least one new pledge in my mailbox. Each donation is touching in it's own way. Some are nice suprises from old friends I haven't been in touch with for awhile. Others represent a weatlth of generosity from friends or family who I know don't have much to give. Those pledges made in honor of others have been especially meaningful. This steady stream of support has been the thing that's kept me motivated.

I'm up to over 17 miles on my longest runs now. Except for a little trouble with my knee, I've been feeling pretty strong. It helps that my friend Melissa comes out with me on her bike sometimes. The company's great. And I'm sure it's making me stronger because we end up yapping (with me gasping) a good part of the way. Then there's Daisy. That dog LOVES running with me. She goes crazy when I put my running shoes on, and howls if I leave her behind. But I have to sometimes. I take her with me on anything under 6 miles, but I figure she doesn't need to be out on those long runs with me. She's in good shape for a dog, though. The vet's always impressed with the muscles on my mutt.