Prayer from Jo*
(High Poetess and Most Excellent Person)

"O Winged Mercury, bless our Jennifer, whom we miss quite dearly and whom we thought of when we were at a bar the other night because there was an attractive and sweet waitress with long limbs and long blonde hair who reminded us of her, bless her with the strength of ants who carry large pieces of food many times their size, bless her with the perserverance of mosquitos who find every available inch of your skin at night even when you are swatting and spasming at the air, bless her with the endurance of salmon who are swimming up waterfalls to spawn then die, and finally bless her with the speed of a T3 line and 400+ MHz G4 super Power Mac.


*Please, everyone, recite before going to bed Saturday night.
Then I'll be sure to make tracks. -Jen