Last week an article about Sherry's Fund came out in the Daily Astorian. This is of course great for raising awareness of the fund. What's also been wonderful and unexpected are the messages of encouragement I've received from people I knew growing up who read or heard about the article.

I found out about another of my classmates who's also running the marathon. That makes four other Astorians (in addition to three more friends) who are out there training in anticipation for October 1, even if they're not necessarily running directly for Sherry's Fund. But knowing I'll be running the race with some of 'my people' - and being backed by everyone's support and encouragement - makes this feel like such a collective effort.

It makes the training easier, for sure. I'm almost back up to the mileage I should be at if I hadn't injured my knee. This weekend I was out on Santa Rosa Island off the coast of Southern Cal, and I did my first long run in a long time. It was a true test, out in the open ocean with gusty wind and no water on a trail that was pretty hilly and sandy in parts. Even though I was sand-blasted and wind- and sunburned, the views were awesome, and I was glad my knee held up and felt good afterward. I'm definitely in the groove now. Thanks to everyone for sending out good thoughts and wishes.